Cable Tie bundler

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This handy device takes the effort out of using short cable ties. Its ideal for keeping wires and cables tidy and also many uses where single ties are too short.You can wrap up all sorts of bundle with one cable tie bundler. No need to carry different length cable ties and cutter. The bundler holds a 12m spool of strapping belt and a cartridge of strap locks. Just wrap up, tighten and cut with one tool.

*One 12m belt and 100 clips included

Pull out the length of cable tie needed, wrap it around bundle, feed it into the locking clip, pull to tighten, and release the trigger to secure the locking clip.

This award winning unique tool produce strong nylon straps for wires, hoses, cables, parcels and nursery stock. There are hundreds of uses for home, garden, farm, automobiles, camping, boating and sports equipment.