Interphone Repair/Attempted repair

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PLEASE NOTE- Not all Interphones are repairable- we have had success with many in the past but cannot guarantee that they are fixable or that they will stay repaired.

Each one is opened and is attempted to be repaired, which involves, either soldering hair thin wires/ soldering boards etc and takes anything from 1-3 hours. Whether we are able to fix it is not guaranteed- the repair fee is still 100% due and NO refunds will be given. 

This is for all older Interphone models, the square shape and the teardrop shape, F4 and F3 and F5. 

Pls drop off or courier the unit to us after paying this non nonrefundable fee and email the problem aswell as your tracking number. We will attempt the repair- this can take 1-2 weeks and will then email you with the outcome. If the unit has been successfully repaired we will ask you to arrange collection with your courier or we can send with our courier once you have paid for courier fee. 

World wide-  Lithium iron batteries cannot be air freighted so our local Post office will send it Surface mail and it can take up to 3 Months. Pls email for a shipping price.