Tellur Air Vent Car Freshener Blue

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Your car deserves a scented accessory!
Whether you are passionate or not by gadgets, you definitely want for your car a distinctive and long-lasting flavour. Each journey will be complemented by the flavour of the Tellur Air Vent Car Freshener and will make it memorable.
Tellur car freshener has a discreet and stylish design and fits into any car. Easy to install, it is fitted with a universal clamping system that can be attached to any ventilation grille on the dashboard. The air passes through the odorant and exudes the aroma that will refresh and eliminate the unpleasant smells.
The freshener does not contain oils or other liquids that can damage the car furniture. The package contains three more reserves, so you will keep a fresh atmosphere throughout the year.
You can choose the flavour depending on your mood: Energizer Lemon, Relaxant Rosemary and Discreet Cologne.